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Mike Edwards is the only independent ACU Certified Commercial Road Racing Coach

Circuit guides on how I personally ride a reasonable lap of different tracks.

They should simply be viewed as my personal guide of how I ride specific circuits. I try to explain and cover basic aspects of what I think is required to do this.

It is not a guide how to ride fast or race!


'How I ride' - circuit guides

There are two ways you can get my circuit guides:

You can either click this icon to buy a DVD:




or you can purchase and download the video guides to a device of your choice using Vimeo click the icon for the link.

The information I impart in the guides is subject to the watchers interpretation and when I'm coaching, a rider's individual needs and rider ability would be taken into account.

A V121Pro coaching day provides a much more focused and personalised approach to tuition, as generally we have all day to work together. Purchasers of the guides will be able to join my private forum where they can have open discussion with me and existing V2Pro clients on any aspects of circuits, racing and coaching.


There is no 'one size fits all' approach to everything that happens on track, but I've tried to include the basics. It is different for diverse bike types, and whether you are a novice or experienced rider, but I hope that everyone will be able to get something informative from the guides.

So, even if you've been riding a track for years, you might be able to use the guides to get an insight to some aspects of the tracks you might not have realised or noticed before.

I seem to hear myself saying this phrase to coaching clients over and over again - so much so, that it's almost become iconic - decided to put it on a plain white tshirt.

9.99 inc. P&P - Click to buy:

Sizes: M - 38/40  XL - 44/46  XXL - 47/49

There aren't too many dedicated motorcycle racing magazines; I think Motorcycle Racer is the one out there that offers the best value for money.


With plenty of good quality photos, interviews, results, and info - and I mean, not just from the blue riband, attention grabbing, world stage classes, but Motorcycle Racer offers the club and grass roots racers a 'voice' in print.


Click on the image opposite, to buy either an individual issue or an annual subscription, which, importantly, in this current economic climate will give you 12 issues for the price of 11. And if you buy your copies via my webshop, they'll 'see me right'...

All words, text and layout are copyright  Mike Edwards.